Early Childhood Education and Care

Early Childhood Education and Care

​​​​​​​​​​​​Our purpose is supporting early childhood services, families, communities and our other partners to ensure every Queensland child is happy, healthy and successful. Our responsibility is approving and regulating services under national and state legislation, funding early years services for children and families, and driving national reforms, including:

Advancing education

Through Advancing education, the Queensland Government has a plan that will provide better outcomes for children by giving them access to quality early childhood learning experiences to ensure they have a bright future.

National Quality Framework

Most early childhood education and care services in Queensland are regulated under the National Quality Framework​.​​

Universal access to early childhood education​

Universal access to early childhood education​ (known as kindergarten) allows all children, no matter where they live in Queensland or what their circumstances, to have access to a quality, inclusive early childhood education.

​Other initiatives

The Early Years Count

For tips, activities and information to support your child’s learning and development, go to The Early Years Count website.

Successful transitions to school

Promoting a successful transition for children and families from home or early childhood education to school, including leading the:

Workforce Action Plan

The ECEC Workforce Action Plan 2016–2019 aims to improve the capacity of Queensland's early childhood education and care workforce over the next three years, with programs and strategies that will contribute to achieving the sector's vision for its workforce to be seen as "professional, qualified and valued".

To promote the professional standing of careers in ECEC, Queensland's first ECEC careers campaign has also been launched with the ECEC Workforce Action Plan, called Inspire the future, Choose a career in early childhood.

Early Childhood Education and Care
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