Investing for Success

Investing for Success

In 2021, approximately $290 million will be allocated to Queensland state schools as part of the Investing for Success (I4S) program.

Investing for Success amount for 2021

The 2021 I4S resourcing calculations final funding advice is now available. Funding has been calculated using 2021 enrolments and 2020 loading data.

Purpose of Investing for Success

State schools will use funding to support students to achieve improved outcomes at all levels of schooling.

All state schools will be allocated at least the same amount of I4S funding in 2021 as they received in 2015. This provides schools with continuity for their school improvement initiatives and upholds the guarantee, made in 2016, to at least match 2015 funds, irrespective of enrolment fluctuations.

School requirements

All Queensland state schools enter into an agreement that details how I4S funding will be used to improve student outcomes.

Independent Public Schools establish their 2021 I4S agreement with their school councils. All other state schools enter into an I4S agreement with the department.

Schools publish their I4S agreements on their websites so communities can see how I4S is being used.

Student performance is measured throughout the year and schools communicate how I4S funding is helping to improve outcomes for students to their local communities.

Schools report each year on the success of their school improvement initiatives.

Further information on the payment schedule and data collections that inform school allocations can be found on the Queensland Government Education website.

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28 September 2020