Consultation Draft Strategic Plan 2021–25


​Provide your feedback to help shape the Department of Education Strategic Plan 2021–25

Our Consultation Draft Strategic Plan 2021–25 outlines how we will achieve our vision for a great future for every Queenslander.

The views of our staff, stakeholders and customers are essential for us to deliver our vision for Education, Industrial Relations and Racing.

You are invited to provide feedback to to help us shape our strategic plan for the coming 4 years.

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Our vision, purpose and contribution to Queensland Government’s objectives for the community

Our vision is for a great future for every Queenslander.

We are giving all children a great start, engaging young people in learning, creating safe and inclusive workplaces and investing in communities for a stronger Queensland.

We contribute to the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community by:

Safeguarding people’s health icon

Safeguarding people’s health and jobs by supporting wellbeing and safety in the early years and schools, communities and workplaces.

Backing frontline services icon

Backing frontline services by engaging a diverse, healthy, safe and capable workforce across Queensland communities.

Building Queensland icon

Building Queensland by creating jobs and driving fit-for-future investment in social infrastructure and technologies.

Investing in skills icon

Investing in skills by educating young Queenslanders for the future of work and to prosper in the economy.

Protecting the environment icon

Protecting the environment by investing in energy-efficient and cleaner, greener technologies in schools and workplaces.

Growing our regions icon

Growing our regions by driving sustainable investment in services and communities across our diverse and dispersed state.

Our principles

Our principles guide our approach to delivering quality and contemporary services for Queenslanders.


Improvement icon

Balancing opportunity and risk in the pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement. This means:

  • using data and evidence to inform our work and decisions
  • developing leadership at all levels of the organisation
  • maintaining a focus on performance outcomes and continuous improvement.


Inclusion icon

Inclusive environments where diversity is valued, all are welcome and human rights protected. This means:

  • celebrating difference and harnessing diverse perspectives to best represent and serve the community
  • respecting, protecting and promoting human rights in everything we do
  • building cultural capability and inclusive services, schools and workplaces.


Collaboration icon

Genuine partnerships with communities, stakeholders, families and young people. This means:

  • working with government, community, industry and families to inform how we design and deliver our services
  • embracing diversity of thought and opinion
  • empowering families, communities and young people to improve outcomes.


Integrity icon

Accountability and commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct and decision-making. This means:

  • creating a culture characterised by the highest standards of ethical behaviour
  • showing courage in leadership and ethical decision-making
  • maintaining the good governance practices that set strong foundations for our work
  • understanding and complying with our ethical and legislative obligations.


Safety icon

Safe learning and working environments and practices that strengthen health and wellbeing. This means:

  • continuously improving our safety practices and approach
  • investing in the health and wellbeing of young people, students and staff
  • embedding principles that support a child safe culture
  • demonstrating positive respectful relationships between staff, students, parents, carers and members of the community
  • growing our understanding of wellbeing needs to create more effective learning environments for children and young people.

Our challenges and opportunities

The ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has presented new issues and amplified the impacts of existing challenges for governments and communities.

Some of these challenges present opportunities for innovation. They guide our approach to:

  • continuous improvement and performance
  • resilience, preparedness and agility in response to change and uncertainty
  • aligning our strategic direction to respond to strategic risk and opportunity.


Safety and wellbeing

Addressing complex issues impacting the wellbeing and safety of children, students, communities and our workforce.

Support for vulnerable groups

Reducing the impact of disadvantage through targeted interventions and culturally appropriate support.

Fit-for-future investment

Investing for future generations and responding to the needs of our dispersed and diverse communities.

Contemporary practice

Leveraging technology and adapting our approach to advance teaching, learning and new ways of working.

Building resilience

Recovering from disruption and continuously strengthening our approach to prevention, preparedness and response.


Prepare young people for the future

Building lifelong learning and the skills to prepare young people for the future of work.

Evidence-informed decisions

Informing our approach using research, data and evidence to integrate new thinking into everyday practice.

Place-based responses

Improving outcomes through the collaborative efforts of community, stakeholders, industry and government.

Workforce culture and leadership

Developing leadership at every level and a skilled workforce to deliver quality outcomes for Queenslanders.

Embrace diversity

Harnessing the experience, skills and perspectives of diverse cultures, languages, abilities and identities.

Our objectives

A great start for all children

Safeguarding people’s health icon Backing frontline services icon Investing in skills icon

Setting the critical foundations for lifelong learning and wellbeing through quality early childhood education and services.

Our strategies

  • Provide opportunities for every child to access quality kindy and support positive transitions into early education and school
  • Ensure the quality and safety of early childhood education and care services through effective and responsive regulation
  • Nurture the wellbeing of all children, ensuring they are safe, valued and respected
  • Engage families to play an active role in their child’s learning and development
  • Support culturally responsive learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people
  • Build resilience and wellbeing to reduce the impact of vulnerability
  • Work with the early childhood sector to facilitate a skilled and qualified early years workforce.

Our measures

  • Wellbeing and development prior to school
  • Kindy participation.

Every student succeeding

Safeguarding people’s health icon Backing frontline services icon Investing in skills icon

Empowering students to embrace the opportunities of the future by inspiring creativity, critical thinking and building resilience.

Our strategies

  • Empower every student to engage in learning and achieve growth each year
  • Nurture student wellbeing, ensuring they are safe, valued and respected
  • Engage learners through personalised, collaborative and integrated learning experiences for the digital generation
  • Support schools to be inclusive and continually improve
  • Engage families to play an active role in their child’s learning and development
  • Support culturally responsive learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Work with communities and across government to reduce vulnerability and strengthen outcomes for all students
  • Support positive transitions from early education to school and further education, training and employment pathways.

Our measures

  • Learning outcomes
  • Parent satisfaction
  • Student retention
  • Post-school destinations.

Building Queensland communities

Building Queensland icon Protecting the environment icon Growing our regions icon

Investing in fit-for-future services and infrastructure to respond to the needs of Queensland communities.

Our strategies

  • Invest in fit-for-future infrastructure and services to respond to the needs of communities
  • Renew schools across Queensland to meet contemporary learning needs
  • Leverage new technologies to deliver advances in learning, teaching and working
  • Strengthen service delivery outcomes through targeted and sustainable investment and efficient financial management.

Our measures

  • Financial management
  • Infrastructure investment.

A sustainable racing industry in Queensland

Building Queensland icon Growing our regions icon

Supporting a sustainable racing industry for more prosperous Queensland communities and regions.

Our strategies

  • Administer the Racing Act 2002 and manage community-focused funding programs to support a sustainable Queensland racing industry
  • Invest in the viability of the racing industry by providing funds for infrastructure and supporting country racing in regional communities
  • Promote effective governance arrangements that support Racing Queensland to deliver its objectives.

Our measures

  • Efficiency and effectiveness.

Fair and safe workplaces and communities

Safeguarding people’s health icon Backing frontline services icon Growing our regions icon

Promoting the fair pay and safe working conditions that provide stability and confidence for a strong economy.

Our strategies

  • Uphold the rights of Queenslanders to safe and healthy workplaces and communities
  • Deliver fair, consistent and effective regulation
  • Manage Queensland’s industrial relations framework and public sector bargaining.

Our measures

  • Workplace and electrical incidents and injuries
  • Client satisfaction
  • Efficiency and effectiveness.

Safe and capable people delivering our vision

Safeguarding people’s health icon Backing frontline services icon Investing in skills icon Growing our regions icon

Building the safety, wellbeing and capability of our people to deliver contemporary services for Queenslanders.

Our strategies

  • Engage and empower our workforce to deliver our vision and objectives
  • Be an employer of choice with an inclusive, safe and capable workforce
  • Strengthen cultural competency and employment pathways
  • Build integrity and leadership capability at every level of our diverse organisation
  • Support the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff in every workplace
  • Design and deliver contemporary services in collaboration with communities and our stakeholders
  • Drive high performance and accountability through good governance and legislative compliance
  • Enhance safety governance practices across the department.

Our measures

  • Frontline service delivery
  • Employee engagement
  • Workforce diversity.
Last updated 29 March 2021