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Our principles, challenges and opportunities

Our principles Our challenges Our opportunities
Commitment to the highest standards of integrity and conduct at every level

Safety and wellbeing
Addressing complex issues impacting the wellbeing and safety of children and students

Prepare young people for the future
Building resilience and critical thinking skills to prepare young people for jobs in a changing economy
Transparent decision-making with individual and collective responsibility for outcomes
Future-focused investment
Investing for future generations and responding to the needs of our dispersed and diverse communities
Evidence-informed decisions
Informing our approach using research, data and evidence to integrate new thinking into everyday practice
Balancing opportunity and risk in the pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement
Support for vulnerable groups
Reducing the impact of disadvantage through targeted interventions and culturally appropriate
Place-based responses
Improving outcomes through the collaborative efforts of community, stakeholders, industry and government
Inclusive environments where diversity is valued and human rights protected
Workforce supply and capability
Supporting a skilled workforce to deliver quality outcomes for Queensland
Leveraging technology to engage modern learners and advance teaching and learning
Genuine partnerships with communities, stakeholders, families and young people
COVID-19 recovery
Responding to the challenges and impacts of the COVID-19 disruption
Embrace diversity
Harnessing the experience, skills and perspectives of diverse cultures, languages, abilities and identities

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30 June 2020