Evidence framework

Evidence Framework

Quality evidence matters. It informs how we do our work, what we invest in and how we make our decisions.

Evidence Framework (PDF, 1.3MB)

Evidence Framework

The department's Evidence Framework is based on five principles:

  • Integrated and aligned - evidence underpins the development of initiatives that are aligned to our strategic priorities and are future focused
  • Quality - evidence is generated in a systematic, rigorous way using valid and replicable methods
  • Impact - evidence activities assess efficiency, equity and cost effectiveness and inform implementation
  • Open and collaborative - evidence is generated collaboratively and the results of evidence activities are communicated openly
  • Ethical - evidence is generated in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

These principles support four sources of evidence which strengthen our capacity to use, critique and generate evidence. The sources of evidence are supported by three foundations of evidence.


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09 February 2017