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Data and analysis

​​Opportunities to make improvements, big and small, are around us every day. We use information to inform our decisions about what to do and how best to do it.

Quality, robust data informs our initiatives and helps us measure our impact. Analysing data enables us to identify patterns and/or trends about future opportunities and challenges. It also provides opportunities to examine investment returns and highlight areas for improvement.

The department's Key Performance Indicator Cascade (PDF, 116KB) sets out the most important performance measures for schools and service providers, regions and the department.

The department's Performance Measurement Model (PDF, 602KB) sets out how we quantify and explain the ways our objectives and inputs combine with our service design, outputs and outcomes to create value and customer benefits in the long term.

The department has extensive datasets of student and school performance data survey results and administrative collections. Access our data through the Open Data portal​ or the department's statistics page​.​​

A number of Performance Insights have been developed to inform policy and program development.


Performance Insights—school attendance

The Performance Insights—school attendance (PDF, 810KB) report confirms a strong link between attendance and student outcomes. Any absence from school means a loss of educational opportunity. When a student is absent, the investment in their education is still made but the benefits are not received.

Performance Insights—school attendance strategies

The Performance Insights—school attendance strategies report (DOCX, 2MB) and appendices (DOCX, 419KB) summarises the results of a 2015 survey of Queensland state school leaders about the initiatives and strategies being used to increase student attendance.

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