Practice and innovation

Practice and innovation

Supporting every student to succeed requires a commitment to continual improvement and innovation. For this reason, The Evidence Hub provides access to examples of effective practice and research about school improvement – Advancing Education action plan (PDF, 2.1 MB).

Shared approach to examining evidence of improvement and innovation

The Evidence Hub supports educators to engage in robust conversations and cycles of inquiry about students' progress.

Every school, cluster and region engage in cycles of inquiry, contribute to this state-wide professional conversation and strengthen the evidence base that informs our practice.

Standards of Evidence provide a common language for talking about evidence claims including the degree of measurable change, quality of methods and data, scalability and value for money.

Using evidence to inform improvement

Across the state, the Standards of Evidence are being used to identify, generate and share quality evidence about school improvement as part of a range of initiatives, including:

Together we are exploring ways to:

  • use evidence about student learning and effective teaching practices to improve outcomes
  • design studies, and measure outcomes and improvements
  • increase the scale of studies to build on successes
  • share what we do and learn to inform future directions.

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Practical tools

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Hattie 2015 (PDF, 504KB): What works best in Education: The politics of collaborative expertise

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