Newly-appointed employees


​As a newly-appointed employee in the Department of Education, an immediate source of information is Your Welcome Kit (PDF, 16MB) which forms part of your onboarding experience.

Your supervisor and work colleagues will be able to provide you with your local induction that will contain most of the information you will need from day one such as where you work, how to access resources, security procedures to follow and what to do in case of an emergency.

You will be shown how to access organisational information relevant to your work during your first few days.

Below is some general information about working in various departmental locations. More specific information will be available from your supervisor.

Building opening hours

Education House is open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday. All employees working in Education House outside these building opening hours must complete the after-hours sign-in/out sheet at the security desk.

Coorparoo Education Precinct is open from 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Employees working outside these hours are required to sign the after-hours sign-in/out register located at the main reception desk, East Wing level 1.

Regional locations—Check with your supervisor for the building hours and procedure if after-hours work is required.

For more information about any work location, please check with your supervisor.


Education House—Limited parking is available for visitors. No parking is permitted for unauthorised staff.

Coorparoo Education Precinct—Staff parking is available on a monthly roster and visitor parking is limited, so should be arranged in advance. Your supervisor will arrange for you to be put onto the parking roster.

Regional locations—If you are working in a region, your supervisor or the security team will advise you about parking arrangements which will differ between locations.

Emergency procedures and fire training

You will be given general evacuation information in your first two days of work. You are required to complete emergency procedures training for your work location within one month of commencement and then at 12 month intervals.

Your safety may depend upon you following correct procedures in an emergency. This training will familiarise you with emergency evacuation and/or lockdown procedures specific to your building. Ask your supervisor how training is provided in your building.

Identification cards

All departmental offices—permanent and temporary—are required to have a photo identification card. Access cards will also be issued if you work in a secure area.

After you have completed fire and emergency training, your supervisor will arrange for one of three levels of identification card to be created for you on completion of an application form (DoE employees only).

The colour of the stripe on the card denotes your building access type:

  • Yellow stripe—access during regular building hours
  • Blue stripe—after-hours access (e.g. for staff who need to escort contractors)
  • Red stripe—access at any time (these cards are issued to senior employees who are required to be operational at all times and to those in executive positions such as the Director-General).

Mandatory induction

The department offers an online Mandatory Induction program​ that may be used in conjunction with local face-to-face induction. This program comprises those courses that should be prioritised during induction.

All employees are required to complete mandatory induction in either a face-to-face or online environment, and revisit the mandatory components of induction annually.

Your supervisor will provide access and time to complete these online courses. You have a responsibility to ensure you understand and put into practice what you learn.

Last updated 13 November 2020