Induction and mandatory training


Induction activities must be undertaken by:

  • all new employees, including temporary appointments and casuals
  • volunteers, contractors and visitors.

The induction process is designed to help people to become familiar with the workplace and ensure understanding of compliance with legislation and policy.

The mandatory training elements of induction are informed by, and in compliance with:

  • relevant commonwealth and state legislation
  • code of practice or regulation linked to legislation
  • relevant directives
  • Department of Education policies.

Volunteers, contractors and visitors

Everyday visitors, volunteers and contractors visit schools and sites to provide a range of services. The department is committed to maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

All volunteers, contractors and visitors must complete an induction the first time they visit any department site and update annually.

​Induction activities

Depending on the context, volunteers, contractors and visitors could be involved in a range of induction activities. For example:

  • mandatory all-staff key messages guide and declaration (updated annually)
  • site orientation
  • sign in and sign out procedures
  • Blue Card check
  • emergency procedures
  • first aid.

Mandatory all-staff training program—key messages guide

Volunteers, contractors and visitors must complete this process annually and be able to present the record of completion anytime they are visiting a departmental site.


  • access the key messages guide
  • review the information
  • complete the declaration and fill in your details on the record of completion section which you will find on the last page of the guide
  • the supervisor, manager or principal of the location you are visiting with verify the completed declaration and finalise the record of completion with a signature and date (and school stamp if you are visiting a school)
  • retain the verified record of completion section. It will be recognised at schools and departmental sites for 12 months.

Check with the supervisor, manager or principal at the location you are visiting for guidance and the additional information, as per the induction list above, you need to be aware of while working at their department site.

​​Further information: key message guide fact sheet.


All employees complete the mandatory all-staff training program upon commencement of employment. This program provides an overview of what is expected of all employees to prot​ect students, work ethically, protect information and work safely, and explains how employees can access further information and support.​

Evacuation and fire safety training is also a mandatory requirement for all employees. Specific building safety training may be required each time a new building location becomes the primary workplace.

School-based employees​

School-based employees have additional mandatory training to complete during induction including:

  • student protection
  • school emergency response plan
  • principal powers for exclusion (principals only)
  • financial management for principals (principals only)
  • curriculum activity risk assessment (teachers and a range of school based staff)
  • asbestos awareness and management (for workplaces where it is confirmed and/or assumed asbestos-containing material)
  • safety and hazard alerts (cleaners only).
Last updated 04 June 2021