​​​​Student enrolment

The department takes 2 main snapshots of state school enrolments in February and August. The most recent state school enrolment collection is available with additional time-series presentations available under downloadable data files.

August (2015-2019)

The August snapshot provides information on schools later in the year and is collected using nationally comparable methods.

August enrolments by region (PDF, 320KB)
August enrolments by school (PDF, 1.1MB)
August enrolments by year level (PDF, 317KB)
August enrolments by school and year (XLSX, 2.3MB)
August indigenous student enrolment by region (PDF, 487KB)
August indigenous student enrolments by year level (PDF, 321KB)

Home education registrations (2015-2019)

For more information, please visit the home education page.

Home Education Registrations (XLSX, 378KB)

Student attendance (2015-2019)

Student attendance is measured and reported by the department as a rate, based on comparing the number of school days attended to the total possible days attended.

Attendance rate by region (PDF, 480​KB)
Attendance rate by year level (PDF, 401KB)
Attendance rate by school (XLSX, 912KB)
Attendance rate by year level and Indigenous status (XLSX, 178KB)
Absences by reason and school (XLSX, 17.5MB)
Absences by reason and demographics (XLSX, 338KB)

School disciplinary absences

State schools are required to report School Disciplinary Absences (SDA) for the school year in their School An​n​ual Report​​​.

There are 4 categories of SDA: short suspension, long suspension, exclusion and cancellation. The following tables present this information by school, region and student demographics.

Annual data (2014-2018)

School Disciplinary Absences by region (PDF, 388KB)
School Disciplinary Absences by school (PDF, 687KB)

Semester data (2014-2018)

School Disciplinary Absences by school (XLSX, 1.2​MB)
School Disciplinary Absences by student demographics (XLSX, 2.3​MB)

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