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School information, including location, contact and enrolment details, with the option to search by geographic region.

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State school count (PDF, 514KB)
State school and student count by region (PDF, 506KB)

Class size (2015–2019)

Data is drawn from two class size snapshots (primary and secondary) in the first half of each year.

Data from the snapshots are used to measure the proportion of classes at or under class size targets, and for determining the average class sizes in state schools.

Class size target achievement summary (PDF, 220KB)
Class size target achievement and average class size (PDF, 688KB)​
Class size target achievement by school and year level (XLSX, 3.6​MB)​

School Opinion Survey

Opinions collected from parents/caregivers, students and school staff each year enable schools to identify what they do well and how they can improve.

School Opinion Survey page

Languages in schools (2019)

List of the languages being taught in Queensland state schools.

Languages being taught at state schools (XLSX, 215KB)

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