Design standards for Department of Education facilities


​​​​The Department of Education (DoE) delivers and maintains educational facilities for people of all ages from a diverse range of social, economic and cultural backgrounds. DoE educational facilities include schools, early childhood centres across Queensland. This asset base is constantly upgraded and improved to continue to deliver quality learning facilities for state education.

The design standards for DoE facilities have been developed in consultation with a number of stakeholders, to assist design consultants and delivery professionals in the design of inclusive, safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable education facilities. To provide optimum functionality for the users, and the flexibility to adapt to modern pedagogies over time, the design standards detail key design requirements that support our aim of delivering high-quality, fit-for-purpose facilities.

The design standards set the framework for a consistent approach to the delivery of innovative and cost-effective education facilities and form part of a suite of briefing documents.


The design standards for DoE facilities, updated in 2024, are maintained and updated by Infrastructure Services Division, Brisbane.

The revised design standards documents include changes that may affect the responsibilities of service providers carrying out work on departmental facilities. A summary of changes to the design standards is available.

Feedback can be provided to the department's Infrastructure Services Division project representative and the project team at Past versions of the design standards can also be obtained.​

Version control

Design standardVersion
Part A – Education facilities design principles and generic functional brief (under review – internal DoE use only)Version 4.0
Part B – Master planning, architectural and landscaping design principles (under review – internal DoE use only)Version 4.0
Part C – Technical specifications and standardsVersion 4.1
Supplementary documentVersion
Security design requirementsVersion 12.0
Security fencing specificationVersion 4.0
Network infrastructure procedures and standards (DNIPS) Version 4.0
Basketball equipment specificationVersion 1.3

Design standards for DoE facilities

Part A – Education facilities design principles and generic functional brief

Our schools, educational facilities and learning spaces are designed to enable users of all backgrounds and abilities to access and fully participate in learning.

The education facilities design principles and generic functional brief sets out the values and principles that underpin the design of Queensland education facilities and aligns with the Department of Education Strategic Plan.

Education facilities design principles and generic functional brief—part A

Part B – Master planning, architectural and landscape design principles

The master planning and landscape design principles details the minimum requirements for learning environments and traffic management. The principles ensure contemporary indoor and outdoor learning environments to facilitate learner-centred approaches for all users, supports collaborative learning and teaching, and a sense of community and belonging. It also ensures that the design of school buildings and facilities comply with all relevant legislation and standards, and the National Construction Code.

Master planning, architectural and landscaping design principles—part B

Part C – Technical specifications and standards

The technical specifications and standards details the minimum performance standards for the building fabric and finishes, building and site services, services and utilities, structural and civil works, acoustic performance, security and ecologically sustainable design.

Technical specifications and standards—part C

Supplementary documents to design standards

The following documents are to be read in conjunction with the design standards. Periodic updates to these documents will be provided by the relevant teams within DoE.

Security specifications

The security design requirements and specifications relate to electronic and physical security for reference during capital works projects, retrofits and minor upgrades to schools. These requirements incorporate the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Security design requirements

Electronic security guidelines​​​

Security fencing specification

Network infrastructure procedures and standards

The following document outlines the standard to which all network cabling and supporting infrastructure within the DoE environments shall be installed, and the procedures and processes to follow.

Network infrastructure procedures and standards​

Basketball equipment specification

The basketball equipment specification is required to be used by schools for the supply and installation of basketball equipment for new basketball structures or modification to existing structures. The specification provides a consistent standard which will ensure the structural safety of basketball equipment in Queensland government schools.

Schools installing basketball equipment must use only suppliers whose equipment has been certified in accordance with the current basketball equipment specification.

To assist schools, the department has established Standing Offer Arrangements (SOAs). Details on SOAs can be provided by your departmental contact person.

Basketball equipment specification

Last updated 05 June 2024