​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ConnectED replaced DoE News in Term 2, 2023.​​​

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If you provided feedback on ConnectED via the survey at the bottom of an edition, thank you.

There are ​some changes we've made after reading your feedback and ​answers to frequently asked questions.​​



I almost missed the 'all-staff' news

To make the all-staff news segment more prominent on the main page, we’ve formatted the all-staff button so it looks like the buttons for role-based sections. We've also added some text in the top left corner of the all-staff news page.

At the bottom of the other pages, we've added an all-staff button for easy access and a reminder that the all-staff section includes general information for all DoE staff that is not duplicated elsewhere in the newsletter.

There are too many links

Where possible, we are now limiting the number of links in ConnectED items to only those essential to the key message. When multiple links are required on a topic, we are encouraging submitters to update their OnePortal page or create a OnePortal news item where further details can be provided and multiple links included. OnePortal pages and news items should display relevant contact information in case readers have further queries.

There’s nothing for me in this edition

We aim to not over-communicate with you, therefore, not every edition will include specific information for every role. The format of ConnectED makes it easier to identify when there is important news for you.

Each edition has an all-staff section which contains general content that may be of interest to all staff, regardless of their role.

Professional learning

We are highlighting the professional learning opportunities open to each role by including a subheading on each role-based page.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which segment is relevant to me?

ConnectED is separated into segments so it is easy for readers to find the most relevant news for their role.

Ensure you are reading the information relevant to you by visiting the roles and responsibilities page. Some staff may find topics of interest across multiple categories depending on the context of their role. There are no limitations to the segments you can access and you may wish to review more than 1; for example, aspiring leaders may want to read the school leaders segment in addition to their own.

Do I need to read the all-staff content as well as the segment relevant to my role?

The all-staff news section contains helpful, general information that's relevant to all staff. Readers should prioritise reading their role-specific news over the all-staff page.

Can I read more than 1 segment?

Yes! The most relevant items should be in the segment that aligns to your role, however, your role may require you to be aware of messages for other roles, for example, if you manage a team. You may enjoy being across all the information in every segment. Regardless of your reasoning, you can access all the segments.

What about early childhood content and messaging from the Early Childhood Regulatory Authority?

The editorial team attempts to include content that will engage all staff every edition but this is not always possible. We rely on contributors to submit relevant stories and there are not always messages that cover every subject.

Information relevant to early childhood staff in central and regional offices will be included in the corporate and regional staff section. Information on state delivered kindy information and other early childhood topics relevant to school-based staff will be included in the school leaders, teaching and student support staff or business managers and admin staff sections when appropriate.

As many early childhood providers and stakeholders are external to the department, a range of early childhood publications are produced to communicate with them.

I am missing the finance news. Where is it?

The financial advisory services (FAS) newsletter has been discontinued and all contributors now submit their content for inclusion in ConnectED.

Can I unsubscribe from ConnectED?

This newsletter is essential reading for all DoE staff and is the only internal newsletter from which you cannot unsubscribe.

All staff should actively evaluate their e-newsletter subscriptions. To review the e-newsletters you can opt-out of, check the newsletter subscription centre on OnePortal.

Last updated 30 November 2023