School procedures

School procedures

​​​​​Each school has its own procedures which reflect the needs of the students. The orientation checklists​ may help you in your preparation and consideration of your school's procedures.

Schools also comply with the departmental Policy and Procedure Register.

Emergency procedures

Schools prepare and practise emergency plans to ensure the safety of students, staff and others on site.

In particular, you will be given the school emergency procedures for:

  • emergency evacuation
  • lockdown
  • bomb threats
  • suspect packages.

For more information, visit Emergency planning.

Internet and intranet access

Every school is connected to a common network which you will access with a unique identifier.

With your logon ID, you can access:

  • the department's intranet OnePortal
  • OneSchool
  • your school email account from anywhere in the world
  • access appropriate files using a school computer networked to your school's server
  • the internet from any departmental computer.

To gain your logon information, contact your school's MIS administrator or school technical support person. You will need to read and sign the department's corporate ICT network policy.

Procedures for using the internet and email

Procedures are in place for staff and student use of the internet and email. These can be accessed on the Policy and Procedure Register.

Access to the internet also gives you entrance to the Learning Place, the department's eLearning environment.​

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10 January 2020