Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning

Schools develop and maintain school curriculum, assessment and reporting plans at whole-school level, year level and unit level which address all learning areas.

They also adopt or adapt Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) materials or refer directly to the Australian Curriculum in developing these plans for English, Mathematics, Science and History in Prep to Year 10.

The expectations for curriculum planning are outlined in the P-12 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework.

Your school may have further expectations regarding daily, weekly, term and unit planning. If you are unsure of the planning procedure at your school, consult your school planning documents or ask your colleagues.

Pedagogical framework

The Pedagogical framework (PDF, 515 KB) policy drives the improvement agenda by clearly outlining expectations for school pedagogical frameworks.

A school pedagogical framework promotes consistency of practice, embeds collaborative inquiry processes and supports critical evaluation of the impact of research-validated pedagogies within the context of the school.

Your school will implement a research-validated pedagogical framework that:

Curriculum into the classroom (C2C) - planning samples

Curriculum into the classroom (C2C) provides teachers with a comprehensive suite of sample curriculum plans for use in P-10 classrooms. You can access the C2C materials currently available through OneSchool and OnePortal (DoE​ employees only).

You can adopt or adapt the sample C2C plans to fit your school context and the needs of your students. Use them as a starting point for your curriculum planning and to assess your students' learning. This will allow you to devote more of your non-contact time to evaluating student data and determining 'how' you will teach the curriculum.​

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