​​​Anyone responsible for any school curriculum activity has legal obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) and a common law duty of care to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the activity.

This means that when you're planning a curriculum activity, you'll need to manage the risks.

The Curriculum Activity risk Assessment (CARA) flowchart (DOC, 232 KB) provides more information on the processes recommended.

Risk management guidelines

Whether you want to take your students canoeing or they're going to bake a cake, the CARA guidelines provide advice on supervisor qualifications, equipment and control measures as well as links to assist you in identifying and managing the risks.

A generic template (DOC, 319 KB)​ is available for any other activities and can be accessed in OneSchool by selecting the activity as 'other'.

Familiarise yourself with the relevant CARA guidelines before you teach a class involving the activity.​

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24 January 2018