Student behaviour

Student behaviour

​The department is committed to providing a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment for all students.

As a teacher, you will develop a toolkit of behaviour management strategies throughout your career. As you get to know your students, you will find what works best for you and for them. Before you begin a new year, refer to your school's Responsible Behaviour Plan.

The following resources and support materials are available to help manage student behaviour.

​​The department also supports classroom teachers by providing access to qualified specialists including:
  • behaviour support staff

  • guidance officers and senior guidance officers

  • youth support coordinators

  • school-based youth health nurses (to all state secondary students)

  • school-based police officers

  • school-based community education counsellors

  • district-based community education counsellors.

See your principal if you wish to access any of these support personnel.​

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10 January 2020