Looking after number one

Looking after number one

​​You will spend a lot of time focusing on the needs of your students. It is also important that you take some time to look after number one - yourself. Simple things such as drinking water throughout the day and doing some exercise can contribute to your mental and physical health. To ensure you don't burn out, it is important to have work-life balance.

Using your voice effectively

Your voice is crucial to your role as a teacher, and one of your most valuable tools. You need to know how to use your voice effectively, and what steps to take to prevent voice strain.

Read more about avoiding voice strain (DOC, 249KB).

Work-life balance means being able to meet your work needs as well as your personal commitments. This balance helps to create positive, healthy and productive work environments and improves personal wellbeing.

The Department of Education​ offers a range of flexible work arrangements, as outlined in Flexible work arrangements - a guide for employees, managers and principals (DOC, 394KB) (DoE​ employees only).

As a teacher, you can become very busy during the first term. Make sure you take some time to look after yourself.

Employee Assistance Service

A wide range of supportive psychological health and wellbeing services are available to employees and workplaces.

For more information, visit Employee Assistance Service.

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31 January 2018