Professional partnerships and networks

Professional partnerships and networks


Your principal may assign a mentor to you. Working with a mentor in a professional partnership has definite benefits, and can provide excellent opportunities for you to develop as a beginning teacher.

Meet your mentor regularly - they will help you to face challenges, and to celebrate and reflect on your successes.

You can also seek a mentor off campus - a retired teacher or past pre-service supervisor - or access a mentor through professional associations. Ask your school leadership team and colleagues for advice.

Remember - you are not expected to know everything as a beginning teacher, so you will save time and work more efficiently when you seek support from your peers.

The Learning Place

You'll find a range of online professional communities, collaboration tools, resources, and learning environments for teachers and students on the Learning Place.

Discussion lists

The discussion lists are provided for staff to share ideas and communicate about special and ongoing projects and job related matters.

Beginning and Establishing Teachers' Association

The Beginning and Establishing Teachers' Association (BETA) helps to maximise the effective induction of beginning and establishing teachers.

Professional learning

As part of your performance and development conversation, discuss career aspirations and plan support and professional development to continue to build your capabilities.

Information on professional learning opportunities can be found on the:

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