As a trainee with the department, you will have:

  • a contract that has a nominal term (or length)
  • a training plan which will be developed by your supervising registered training organisation (SRTO).

You will be released to attend training as negotiated with your SRTO.

Role description

Your role will depend upon the traineeship in which you are enrolled. Your supervisor or principal will determine the specifics of your role in concert with your SRTO. Generic role descriptions provide an overview of most positions.

Line manager

Depending on where you are located, your line manager may be a teacher, deputy principal, principal, business services manager, business unit manager or a specialist in your traineeship field.

Employment conditions

All non-teaching staff must undergo a Working with Children Check and hold a Blue Card to work in a school.

Your conditions of employment are derived from the award wages and pay scales(DoE​ employees only) for your position as well as your training contract and the training plan you will develop with your employer and SRTO. Additional information is available from the Queensland Training Information Services website.

Professional learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is the formal acknowledgment of a person's current skills and knowledge no matter how, when or where the learning occurred. It may reduce the off-the-job training needed to complete your traineeship. Your SRTO will provide you with the opportunity to present evidence of prior learning as it relates to the qualification you are studying.

Various opportunities for further professional development are published on the Professional Development website. You will find current opportunities in the Professional Development Calendars under the year and month of interest.

Professional interactions

You may have friendly relationships with families that are part of the school community. It is important that you do not discuss students or staff with anyone.

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