Specialist support officers

Specialist support officers

​​​The professional expertise of our specialists is vital to support students with special needs to participate at school.

Specialist support officers working within state schools comprise:

Mandatory induction

All employees are required to complete mandatory induction in a suitable format and all employees review mandatory components of induction on an annual basis.

The department has developed the online Mandatory induction program as an optional resource to supplement local and face-to-face induction.

Policy and Procedure Register

Policy instruments express the intentions of the government and/or the department together with the actions to be taken to achieve the intended outcomes.

Departmental procedures provide step-by-step guidance in meeting departmental and employee obligations.

The Policy and Procedure Register provides access to legislation, directives, policies and procedures under relevant headings for ease of access.

Developing Performance

The Developing Performance Framework (DPF) provides:

  • a process for implementing performance development conversations
  • access to various capability documents and online tools to help clarify work priorities and discuss your professional development.


State schools are located across seven departmental regions.

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25 July 2019