Administrative officers

Administrative officers

​​​​As an administrative officer in a school, you are required to undergo a Working with Children Check and hold a Blue Card to work in a school.

Role description

Your role will depend on the size and structure of your school. You will find details in the role description for your position.

Line manager

Your line manager will be determined by the principal. It could be the business services manager, or a deputy principal, or you may report directly to the principal in a small school.

Employment conditions​

Your conditions of employment are provided in the current award and certified agreement (DoE​ employees only) applicable to your role.

Professional learning

Various opportunities for professional development are published on the Professional Development website. You will find current opportunities in the Professional Development Calendars under the year and month of interest.

You may be eligible for an allowance if you hold an appropriate qualification.

Professional interactions

You may have friendly relationships with families that are part of the school community. However, it is important that you do not discuss students, their progress or behaviour with anyone other than the student's teachers or school leaders.​

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