Professional learning opportunities

Professional learning opportunities

​​There are a wide variety of professional learning opportunities available to departmental employees, offered through internal and external providers.

The Professional Development website supports the personal and professional growth of all employees. The information available under the following employee groups:

  • teachers
  • school leaders
  • teacher aides
  • public servants
  • executive leaders.

The department also offers a range of publications and newsletters that provide information on professional development.

  • The Professional Development Calendars provide a schedule of events to support individual learning and growth, as well as organisational planning and development.
  • OneChannel provides easy online access to live and on-demand educational and professional development programs.
  • OnePortal Bulletins (DoE​ employees only) often provide information on upcoming professional development events.
  • The Learning Place offers a range of facilitated and self-paced online courses.​
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Last updated
01 February 2018