Professional learning opportunities

Professional learning opportunities

A wide variety of professional learning opportunities are available to departmental staff through internal and external providers.

These opportunities support the personal and professional growth of all employees. Information is available on OnePortal for the following employee groups:

  • teachers
  • school leaders
  • teacher aides
  • public servants
  • executive leaders.

The department also offers a range of publications and newsletters that provide information on professional development:

  • The professional development calendar provides a schedule of events to support individual learning and growth, as well as organisational planning and development.
  • OneChannel provides easy online access to live and on-demand educational and professional development programs.
  • OnePortal bulletins often provide information on upcoming professional development events.
  • The Learning Place offers a range of facilitated and self-paced online courses.

Department employees can find information about professional development opportunities on OnePortal by searching 'learning and professional development'.

Restart Teaching program

Been out of the classroom for a while, or moving to Queensland to further your teaching career? Our Restart Teaching program can give you the skills, knowledge and practice you need to register (or re-register) with the Queensland College of Teachers. Find out more by visiting the Returning to teaching page on the Teach Queensland website.

QCE Syllabus Professional Development  program

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Syllabus Professional Development program gives secondary school teachers access to resources and information to help them plan for and teach the syllabus areas of:

  • Business
  • Design
  • Digital Solutions
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Psychology.

The program will help:

  • beginning teachers access the content they need to teach the subject
  • experienced teachers refresh their subject matter knowledge and expand their current resources to update their teaching practices
  • relief and substitute teachers quickly access information they need to teach the assigned lesson.

You can now register for Business unit 1 and Design unit 1 via the Learning Place. The remaining units and syllabus areas will be progressively released through to June 2020.

For more information, including how to register, email

Teaching Junior Secondary program

The Teaching Junior Secondary program is a self-directed professional development opportunity designed to support teachers wishing to transition to junior secondary teaching in Queensland state schools.

The purpose of this online, department-funded program is to:

  • strengthen participant understanding of the learning needs of junior secondary students
  • equip eligible teachers with the skills and confidence to teach at the junior secondary level
  • encourage teachers to transition to junior secondary teaching.

We especially encourage current primary school teachers seeking an opportunity to teach in junior secondary to enrol in the program.

For more information, including how to enrol via the Learning Place, email

Languages Upskilling program

Can you speak another language? If so, add to your teaching profile by participating in the department’s Languages Upskilling program. You will learn how to teach languages in a classroom setting, and help students feel more confident about interacting with other cultures and using other languages. For more information, email

Further information

If you have any questions about the department’s learning and professional development programs, please email

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