Legislative responsibilities

Legislative responsibilities

The division in which you work will determine the specific legislation you need to understand and comply with, but certain legislation governs the work of all employees. The department's Policy Instruments Framework provides access to all the legal and policy documents applicable to the department.

Information management

You may need to guide employees in handling information and records to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and procedures. The keys to managing information mandatory induction program provides essential learning.

The department uses an electronic document and records management system known as HPE Records Management in its corporate locations. If you or members of your team are not familiar with the system, information and training is available from the Keys to managing information.

Records in schools are managed through the OneSchool system.

Use and disclosure of official information

The public has a right to know the information created and used by government on their behalf. This right is balanced by necessary protections for certain information, including personal information. Information Privacy legislation protects against the misuse of personal information. You must ensure the lawful collection and handling of personal information.

An Information Access Officers Network facilitates compliance with Right to Information legislation. Your Information Access Officer will be able to assist you.

You need to ensure your team:

  • treats official information with care - using it only for the purpose for which it was collected or authorised
  • stores official information securely, limiting access to those who have a legitimate purpose for accessing it
  • do not use confidential or privileged information to further personal interests.

Style guides and communication guidelines

Strategic Communication and Engagement Unit provides regularly updated guidelines and style guides to assist employees who write formal documents and communications. These guidelines together with various templates and resources, will help your team meet the required standards.

A Web publishing style guide and services is provided through the Queensland Government website to support the development of websites.

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