Financial management

Financial management

As a manager or team leader, you may be accountable for a budget. Your responsibilities could include:

  • approving expenditure and monitoring spending
  • approving financial reconciliations prepared by others
  • being involved in aspects of the budget cycle, including planning for the following year's expenditure, profiling and reporting.

You may also need to manage accumulated leave, overtime and accrued time off as these carry financial implications.

The financial delegations(DoE employees only) for your position and those of your team members will inform the level of expenditure you may approve. There are procedures, legislation and standards that detail financial responsibilities and practices:

You should familiarise yourself with best practice financial management by reading the FMPM and applying the relevant information to your role. If in doubt, ask your supervisor, finance officer or the finance branch.

Corporate cards

The Corporate Card Unit is responsible for the administration and issuing of Corporate Cards. The Corporate Card section(DoE​ employees only) of OnePortal includes the online training package, corporate card forms and guidelines and information for cardholders, delegates and line managers.

Budget tracking

Your finance officer for System Applications and Products (SAP) reports can help you to regularly track expenditure against your budget.​

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08 November 2019