Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures

​​Your work with the department is governed and guided by legislation, policies and procedures - these are called policy instruments.

Non-compliance with legislation (breaking the law) carries penalties for individuals and the department. The department's legal obligations are addressed in policies and procedures (easier to read than legislation).

Your supervisor will let you know which policies and procedures apply to your work - you need to read them to understand your responsibilities. If you have any questions speak with your supervisor.

Policy Instruments Framework

It will be helpful for you to understand the differences between levels of policy and where to find specific policy documents.

The Policy Instruments Framework explains all forms of policy documentation that relate to the department and to your work.

It divides the information into two sections:

  • policy through law
  • policy through government action.

The framework also includes links to subsets of policy, with expanded explanations of the background of each.

The Quick Guide to the Policy Instruments Framework (pdf, 436KB) is a table that shows:

  • each level of policy
  • alternate names for documents
  • definitions and examples
  • where and how the policy applies
  • the approving body/position and where it is published.

Corporate Governance Framework

Sound governance of the department involves a set of responsibilities and practices, policies and procedures that as public employees we apply in our daily work. These are discussed as standards of accountability and transparency in the Corporate Governance Framework.

Topics include:

  • direction and purpose of the department
  • alignment of culture, functions and structures with the goals of the department
  • accountabilities
  • expectations of performance and behaviour
  • delivery - planning, project management and reporting
  • improving performance
  • risk management.

Policy and Procedure Register

The DoE Policy and Procedure Register demonstrates the difference between policies and procedures. The register arranges all procedures under headings indicating their application.

Corporate procedures are applicable across all divisions. Here you will find procedures about:

Essential policies and procedures for all employees

Certain policies and procedures are essential learning for all employees of DoE. As such, they are addressed in your mandatory induction program.

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