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Our principles

Our principles guide our approach and describe what we aspire to be as an organisation.


Dynamic and agile services through adaptable and capable people.

We demonstrate our principles by:

  • building the resilience and skills we need to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world, and confidently managing uncertainty and risk
  • breaking old habits, thinking differently and adapting our approach to meet shifting community expectations
  • reducing red tape through streamlined and informed decision making.


Continuous improvement through innovation and new ways of working.

We demonstrate our principles by:

  • empowering our people to challenge the status quo and be creative in the pursuit of innovation
  • using data and evidence to inform our work
  • developing leadership at all levels of the organisation.


Inclusive environments built through cultural confidence and diversity.

We demonstrate our principles by:

  • harnessing different perspectives to best represent and serve the community
  • valuing every person’s contribution
  • treating everyone with respect and fairness.


Active engagement and collaboration to find solutions.

We demonstrate our principles by:

  • working across boundaries to benefit from expertise of government, community and industry
  • embracing diversity of thought and opinion​
  • empowering customer voice and community partnerships to inform our services.


Clear performance expectations and integrity at all levels.

We demonstrate our principles by:

  • clearly defining expectations
  • building individual and collective responsibility for outcomes​
  • encouraging open and constructive conversations that develop our performance
  • supporting our culture as a continual learning and growth organisation.

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Last updated
21 August 2019