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Capable and confident people delivering responsive services


Our greatest strength is the diversity, talent and commitment of our people. Creating positive and inclusive workplaces where everyone works together to deliver on our purpose is essential for Queensland’s future. We all have a role to play in making sure our workplaces are safe and productive, and focused on making a difference.

Continuing to deliver improvements for Queensland means we must evolve our services, be responsive to the needs of our communities and manage risk to deliver outcomes. We will achieve this by using evidence and leading change aligned to our purpose. A key approach will be designing services in partnership with our people, stakeholders and the broader community.

A responsive and capable workforce

We will support our people to make a difference by:

  • delivering a comprehensive workforce strategy to attract, develop and retain teachers, school staff and those in supporting roles
  • continuing to focus on health, safety and wellbeing in every workplace
  • supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our teachers and school leaders, recognising the complexity of school communities
  • promoting a diverse, inclusive and high-performing service delivery culture through continual improvement
  • developing the skills of leaders across service delivery, regulation and business support areas​
  • to create a culture of innovation and continual improvement.

Transform the way we do our business

We will transform our delivery by:

  • building and renewing contemporary, fit for purpose, engaging and energy efficient learning environments
  • leveraging innovation, digital technologies and tools to improve our services, and being responsive to community needs and expectations
  • delivering integrated information and communication technology solutions including improved broadband
  • connectivity for teachers in rural and remote communities working with our partners to develop strategic policy
  • responses using research and evidence using governance to design and align the direction of our work, deliver our purpose and improve our performance
  • continuing to mature contemporary regulation to monitor the safety, legislative compliance and quality of services.​​​​​​

Keep Queenslanders healthy

Keep communities safe

Be a responsive government​

Creating positive workplaces

Above Queensland public sector average
in all10
workplace climate factors*​​​​​​​

Our measures

  • infrastructure investment
  • stakeholder feedback
  • Working 4 Queensland survey
  • School Opinion Survey​
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Last updated
18 July 2018