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A great start for all children


What happens in the early years of a child’s life lasts a lifetime. Quality early learning experiences provide the building blocks for a lifetime of success for every child, contributing to a stronger Queensland. Research shows quality early childhood education and care leads to better literacy and numeracy, health, social and employment outcomes, especially for our most vulnerable children.

Children are more likely to make a great start to their learning when they are happy, safe and confident. Supporting Queensland families to nurture their child’s wellbeing before school is the essential start every child needs.

Our partnerships with the early years sector, schools, communities and other agencies are supporting families in their vital role as 'first teachers'.

Making the early years count through participation in quality early childhood programs will further support children and their families to successfully transition from home to early childhood services, and into school.

Early learning opportunities for every child

We will deliver a great start to learning by:

  • leading collaboration across government to develop and implement an integrated plan in consultation with schools, for improving children’s wellbeing prior to school
  • providing opportunities for every child to engage in quality early learning, no matter their circumstances or location
  • regulating the delivery of safe, quality early childhood education and care services
  • strengthening children’s transition from home to early childhood services, and into school
  • developing a clear strategy for schools to work with services to ensure a strong foundation from Kindergarten to Year 2
  • building a skilled and capable workforce to help children thrive.

Families engaged in their child’s learning across the early years

We will support families to nurture their child’s wellbeing by:

  • delivering integrated services focused on those children and families in targeted communities with most need
  • supporting families to play an active role in their child’s learning
  • continuing to support inclusive early learning experiences so that every child successfully transitions to school
  • working with government and the community to deliver connected services responsive to local contexts and needs.

Give all our children a great start

Keep Queenslanders healthy

Our measures

  • wellbeing and development prior to school
  • participation in early childhood education
  • early years services meeting the National Quality Standard
  • successful transitions

Kindy is the best start in life. It's important for our little people's future.

Aunty Honor Cleary
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Last updated
25 February 2019