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Digital Strategy 2019–2023

​IT's all connected: For creative, connected and engaged learners now and in the future

Digital Strategy 2019–2023 (PDF, 374KB)

Modern education systems are evolving towards personalised, collaborative and integrated learning experiences for the digital generation. Progressively more learning is taking place online or is supported through online activities. This evolution brings an increased and changing demand for new IT solutions and digital-rich learning spaces. As demand has increased we must further modernise our approach to connecting everyone to the resources and content that support their learning needs, today and tomorrow.

We will continue to invest in new foundations for contemporary learning, with near-seamless access to information and digital technologies at any time, any place and on any device.

To achieve this, we will transform the way we do business into a more contemporary model that enables educators to build Queensland's future through creative, connected and engaged learners.


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Last updated
28 June 2019