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Downloadable data files

This section provides some links to alternative file formats and additional time-series presentations of currently published education data.

School listings

Contact and locality information for Queensland state schools.

State school count data cube (XLSX, 509KB)
Maps of each region

Geographic Information System files

Use MapInfo Professional software to map Queensland state schools and departmental region boundaries.

Queensland state schools (ZIP, 68KB)
Departmental geographic regions (ZIP, 1.6MB)

Enrolment information

Day 8 (2015 – 2019)

Snapshot of enrolled students as at the eighth day of school, used to allocate teachers and teacher aides to each school.

FTE enrolments by region (PDF, 189KB)
FTE enrolments by year level (PDF, 375KB)
FTE enrolments by school (PDF, 957KB)
FTE enrolments by school and year level cube (XLSX, 352KB)

August (2014-2018)

The August snapshot provides information on schools later in the year and is collected using nationally comparable methods.

August enrolments by region (PDF, 216KB)
August indigenous student enrolment by region (PDF, 298KB)
August enrolments by year level (PDF, 173KB)
August indigenous student enrolments by year level (PDF, 250KB) 
August enrolments by school (XLSX, 132KB)
August enrolments by school and year (XLSX, 2.8MB)

Other data downloadable files

Class size target achievement (2013–2017) (DOCX, 442KB)
Annual Report 2012–13 (PDF, 21MB)
Annual Report 2013–14 (PDF, 31MB)
Annual Report 2014–15 (PDF, 34MB)
Annual Report 2015–16 (PDF, 28MB)

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