A sustainable racing industry in Queensland


The Queensland racing industry contributes significantly to our economy and employs many Queenslanders. It also contributes to the social cohesion of communities, particularly in our rural and regional areas.

The Office of Racing supports the governance, funding and operations of the racing industry in Queensland. During the year, we continued to deliver the country racing program, racing infrastructure fund and training track subsidy scheme, and provide oversight of Racing Queensland.

Country racing program

This program enables Racing Queensland to sustain country thoroughbred racing in Queensland by providing $17.6 million per annum to 2023.

The funding includes:

  • $15 million annually to support prize money (including the Queensland thoroughbred incentive scheme), clubs, jockey riding fees, superannuation and WorkCover expenses and club meeting payments to support country racing meets
  • $2.6 million annually for country racing club infrastructure repairs and maintenance and asset replenishment/replacement as assessed on an as-needs basis by Racing Queensland.

Racing infrastructure fund

This fund supports priority infrastructure projects promoting growth and sustainability of the Queensland racing industry.

The following projects have been approved for funding and are under development:

  • Sunshine Coast Turf Club synthetic track: to replace the club's all-weather training/racing cushion track surface with a modern synthetic track for thoroughbred training and future TAB racing. Completion is expected in 2021
  • Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre: to purchase land to develop a greyhound racing venue. Completion of the centre is expected in 2024
  • Gold Coast Turf Club tracks and lights: to install a new synthetic track suitable for training, trialling and racing; redevelop the turf B Grass training track; upgrade the course proper; improve access to the infield; provide a new ambulance track; and install lighting infrastructure for racing under lights. Completion is expected in 2025.

Training track subsidy sch​eme

This scheme is an annual $2 million funding program to assist thoroughbred race clubs to offset the costs of maintaining training facilities at their venues.

During 2020–21, the funding assisted 69 eligible racing clubs across Queensland.

Service area perf​ormance

The following service standards in our Service Delivery Statement 2020–21 are used by the department and the government to assess overall performance of this service area.

Racing performance measures​

​​Racing1​2020–21 target/estimate​2020–21 actual
Service standards
Effectiveness measure
Percentage of country race meetings in the approved schedule that are conducted2, 3
Efficiency measure
Average cost per hour of policy advice and support4


  1. This service area was previously presented in the former Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs 2019–20 Service Delivery Statement.
  2. The Country Racing Program (CRP) is administered by the department and supports the continued provision of country race meetings. Under the CRP Grant Deed, Racing Queensland provides a race meeting schedule to the department in April each year, for the following financial year. The service standard reports on the proportion of scheduled race meetings held and is considered a measure of the effectiveness of the department in delivering ongoing funding support for country race events across the state.
  3. The variance between the 2020–21 target/estimate and the 2019–20 target/estimate is due to the impact of the COVID-19 health pandemic with an expected reduction in the number of scheduled race meetings to be held in 2020–21.
  4. This service standard measures the average cost per hour for the provision of policy advice and support related to racing. Costs are based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions providing racing related policy advice and support.
Last updated 02 November 2021