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Every child making a confident start

​​​​​​​​​​​Engaging early with families and children to give them the best start

Quality services and support in the early years of a child’s life are crucial to providing the building blocks for their future learning and life outcomes.

The department is committed to enabling access for every child to high-quality and inclusive early childhood education and care services across the state. We are also focusing on strengthening support for successful transitions to school, helping all children to make a confident start.

Enrolments in an early childhood education program in 2017


* In November 2017, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revised the 2016 estimates using a new data linkage methodology. Previous reported result of 108.5% is now 98.3% for all children, 94.2% is now 85.3% for disadvantaged communities and 93.1% is now 89.6% for Indigenous children. Results from 2016 onwards are not comparable with earlier years.​

In 2017-18, we continued to invest in our children’s future by:

Improving access to early childhood education for all children

Every child’s needs are unique. Our inclusive programs are improving early childhood access and outcomes for some of Queensland’s most vulnerable children. Programs are focused on building capability for services to support access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children with disability, children experiencing disadvantage, refugee and asylum-seeker children and children in rural and remote communities.

Supporting age-appropriate pedagogy in the early years

Research tells us children learn best when they are actively engaged in purposeful learning experiences that build on their interests, strengths and capabilities. We are establishing strong foundations for children’s continuity of learning through a return to age appropriate pedagogies that underpin active, purposeful, creative learning experiences in the early years of schools (Prep to Year 2).

Supporting the transition to school

Starting school is an important milestone for all children and a successful transition to school is a core outcome for Early Childhood Education and Care. Queensland schools are being supported to be ready to meet the needs of children and families, to embrace diversity within their community, and to maximise continuity of teaching and learning for children as they transition into school. We are continuing to provide resources and support to promote a collaborative, networked approach across schools and early childhood services, in partnership with families and the community to support a confident start to school.

Helping families make the early years count

From day one, parents and families play a vital role in providing love, attention and interesting experiences to stimulate a child’s development. We are helping make The Early Years Count by providing information and activities specific to each child and family based on age, relationship, location and activity preference on the Early Years Count website.

Monitoring the quality of early education services

We know the developmental, learning and social benefits associated with early childhood education are contingent upon the quality of services. That is why we are striving for continual improvement in Queensland’s early childhood education and care services.

We are improving regulatory practices under the Regulating for Quality initiative to drive consistency of regulatory practice and continuous quality improvement in early childhood education and care, including tailored interventions to address potential risk.

Partnering with local community leaders to make sure children are ready for kindy

We are working with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health to promote the importance of early childhood education and to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are kindy-ready in 20 locations across South East Queensland through the Deadly Kindies project.

Building a skilled and capable workforce

Our passionate and qualified early childhood teachers and educators make a difference to the lives of our youngest Queenslanders. Through the Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce Action Plan 2016-19 we support the early childhood workforce so they are professional, qualified and skilled to provide educational programs that lead to better outcomes for children.

Support initiatives include promoting early childhood as a career of choice, providing early childhood teacher scholarships, and study support for educators, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators in remote communities.

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02 November 2018