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Business continuity

Business continuity management (BCM) is a holistic approach for managing risks related to disruptive events. There are a number of integrated activities that work together to assist in preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from the impacts of an event that disrupts our business.

BCM helps the department to:

  • minimise the impact of a disruption and return to normal service delivery as quickly as possible
  • safeguard areas of lowest risk appetite and the department's reputation
  • create value by enhancing business-as-usual capability, long-term financial performance and organisational resilience.


The department's approach to managing risks related to disruptive events consists of four phases: prevent, prepare, respond and recover. This proactive and comprehensive approach is vital in preventing and managing disruptive events, as well as enhancing resilience by continuing to create opportunities to improve from advers​ity.

Business continuity management in action​

The department has a suite of management actions we draw upon to help us manage the range of scenarios which may interrupt our service delivery.

If a disruptive event escalates beyond our business-as-usual incident management capability, our resources are redirected to disruptive event management and/or disaster and emergency management, depending on the complexity and severity of the impact. ​

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Last updated
10 March 2020