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Queensland senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems

The Queensland Government released its final position on new senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems on 18 October 2016 – Advancing futures: New senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems in Queensland (PDF, 1.47MB).

The new systems apply to students who enter Year 11 from 2019.

Commencement in 2019 ensures teachers, students and families have time to familiarise themselves with the new arrangements.

The new systems include:

  • a new senior assessment model that combines school-based assessment with external assessment
  • new processes to strengthen the quality and comparability of school-based assessment
  • replacement of the Overall Position tertiary entrance rank with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank.

More information about the changes is available in the following documents:

Preparing for the new systems

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) is leading work to develop and implement the new senior assessment processes.

Information and resources are available for schools, students and parents to learn more about the changes to senior syllabuses, and new assessment processes on the QCAA website.

Responsibility for generating a common Year 12 tertiary entrance rank will be transferred from the QCAA to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). QTAC will administer this process on behalf of Queensland tertiary institutions. Further information and resources are available at the QTAC website.

Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce

The Minister for Education has established a Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce to guide the development and implementation of these new systems.

The Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce is chaired by the Minister and includes representatives from the schooling sectors, parents, teachers, principals, the tertiary sector, the QCAA and the QTAC.

Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce members (PDF, 41KB)


The taskforce has informed the development of the new systems. Key points considered as part of this process are outlined in the following communiques:


Inquiries regarding the operation of the new senior assessment system can be directed to the QCAA, using the contact details provided on the QCAA website.

Inquiries regarding the operation of the new tertiary entrance arrangements can be directed to QTAC, using the contact details provided on the QTAC website.

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