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Teaching Queensland's Future

Teaching Queensland’s Future is the Queensland Government’s 5-year strategy to:

  • meet the increasing demand for teachers in our state school classrooms
  • build the capability, confidence and agility of our teaching workforce
  • ensure a sustainable supply of teachers who will deliver quality learning outcomes for the future.

Our plan

The focus of the Teaching Queensland's Future strategy (PDF, 769KB) is across 5 areas.

Workforce planning: we will understand our teacher supply and demand and support schools to implement effective workforce planning.

Attraction: we will promote the profession of teaching, diversify our workforce and help people start their teacher training.

Talent management: we will make more teachers permanent and enable teachers to move locations, while supporting their career progression and the needs of schools and communities.

Capability: we will enhance professional development for teachers, offer quality on-the-job experiences for teachers in training and equip our school leaders for the future.

Wellbeing: we will support the health and wellbeing of our teachers and school leaders.

Our actions

As part of the strategy, we will:

  • support schools to implement effective workforce planning
  • recruit highly capable beginning and experienced teachers from interstate and overseas
  • promote teaching as a valued and rewarding career
  • provide quality ‘on-the-job’ experiences for teachers in training
  • support people to start their teacher training
  • provide enhanced professional development for teachers throughout their career
  • support teachers to move to locations of high demand and support their career progression
  • design a strategy to help principals to manage and lead, and look after their health and wellbeing.

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Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The department made a commitment to develop a strategy for improving mental and physical health and wellbeing outcomes for all Queensland state school principals and leaders.

In partnership with Professor Philip Riley, the department held extensive and in-depth consultations with over 500 principals, deputy principals and other key stakeholders across the state during Term 2, 2019.

The Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy, launched by The Honourable Grace Grace MP in June 2020, delivers initiatives that focus on assisting principals with the practicalities and complexities associated with leading and managing a school. It is an incremental strategy that will evolve over coming years, in response to the dynamic nature of the school environment and consistent with the progressive nature of wellbeing.

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03 June 2020