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#ipledgeqld encourages students to say 'no to violence' and send a clear message that violent behaviour is never okay. In its second year, the #ipledgeqld campaign builds on the “Walk Away, Chill Out as One Punch Can Kill”, anti-violence message.

#ipledgeqld promotes safe and responsible behaviour for Queensland school students in particular school leavers at Schoolies activities.

By pledging ‘no to violence’, students are taking a stand and committing to prevent, discourage and not participate in acts of violence and aggression.

In 2017 the D​epartment of Education has partnered with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) to further promote the anti-violence messaging from their youth campaign and competition Stop the Hurting: End domestic Violence. DPC engaged Australian hip hop artist Illy, who created a song Back Around for the youth campaign and competition. Young people were invited to enter lyrics on the theme of domestic and family violence, with the winner having their lyrics recorded with Illy and added to the campaign song. Travis Lord from Cleveland District State High School won the competition.

At the Gold Coast Wristband distribution centre school leavers can take a photo with their mates and upload their picture to social media using the #ipledgeqld hashtag. They will also be able to grab a water bottle with a code that can be used to download Back Around for free and receive other promotional material.

The department is committed to a safe and supportive learning environment in Queensland schools and to ensuring that young people behave safely and responsibly.

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