​​​​​​​​A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a collaboration between the public and private sectors which aims to build or maintain infrastructure for the government.

The private sector provides vital services, such as construction, maintenance and design to the governm​ent for a fixed period of approximately 30 years. In return, the government pays a monthly service fee to the vendor.

The department manages PPPs with Queensland Schools, South East Queensland Schools and Southbank Education and Training Precinct (SETP).

The Southbank Education and Training Precinct

The Southbank Education and Training Precinct (SETP) PPP was the Queensland Government's first Public Private Partnership. SETP comprises Southbank Institute of Technology and several retail lease spaces.

Under the PPP, Axiom Education provides finance, design, construction, and maintenance services over the 34-year concession period. The construction phase required the refurbishment of four buildings and the construction of 11 new buildings for the TAFE Queensland Brisbane.

Construction of the SETP PPP Project commenced on 29 August 2005 and practical completion of the site was achieved on 31 October 2008. The concession period runs for a period of 34 years to 28 June 2039.

The builder for this project was John Holland, and Spotless Facilities Management provides facilities management and maintenance. John Holland constructed four new buildings, the largest of which was seven storeys, forming a centre-piece of the project, and refurbished four buildings on the site. The design was based on creating linkages both external to and inside the precinct, encouraging community access to the area and creating an overall vibrant and multi-cultural campus environment.

The precinct covers a four hectare area and features technologically advanced educational buildings that are energy efficient by way of building design and system design. The project was completed in two stages over three and a half years.

Facilities include:

  • a performing arts auditorium
  • computer labs
  • library
  • restaurants
  • gym and fitness centre
  • skin and beauty spa
  • professional gig studio
  • recording suite.

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