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Recovery Disaster and Emergency Response

Schools icon Take Action

After the event has impacted the school, the following should occur;

If school has been not been temporarily closed

  1. Assess safety of students and staff.
  2. Assess the status of the school, noting BAS protocols.
  3. If any visible damage or potential hazards e.g. asbestos, site access, tree damage, then engage BAS for site inspection.
  4. If required, consider temporary closure under CE Directive 1/2015.
  5. Implement Business Continuity Plan as required.

If school has been vacated (holidays, weekends) or temporarily closed under CE Directive 1/2019

  1. Assess safety and wellbeing of staff.
  2. Assess status of school.
  3. If any visible damage or potential hazards e.g. asbestos, engage BAS for site inspection.
  4. Implement Business Continuity Plan as required.
  5. Decide on resuming educational services.
  6. Invoke, or continue, temporary closure of the school under CE Directive 1.2015 as required and advise the Regional Response Controller.
  7. Utilise Communication Strategy.
  8. Re-open school after conducting a Suitability Assessment (DOCX, 41KB) and determining that it is safe to do so (PDF, 317KB).

Schools icon Useful Tools


The Disaster and Emergency Communications Strategy (PDF, 2.9MB) provides a summary of the phases of an event and suggested internal and external stakeholder communications opportunities for schools and regions to consider.

This also provides templates for Principals to use when communicating with parents following bomb threats and armed attack threats on schools.

Damage to schools

All staff and community members are reminded not to access the school site after a disaster or emergency event until advised by the Principal that it is safe to do so. Schools impacted will be subjected to assessments to determine any damage by Building and Asset Services (BAS) and then by the Principal to consider the suitability to resume normal services. A Suitability Assessment Checklist is attached to the school's Emergency Response Plan.

Special leave entitlements

Staff are also able to access paid special leave to deal with the effects of natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, severe storms or bushfires under Special Leave DIRECTIVE 05/17 (PDF, 165 KB). Contact the Principal for more information.

Schools icon Key Contacts

  • Emergency and School Security
    • Email:
    • Phone: (07) 3034 6011 (disaster and emergency management)
    • Phone: (07) 3034 6012 (disaster and emergency management)
    • Phone: (07) 3034 6013 (school security)
    • School Watch Phone: 13 17 88
  • Employee Assistance Program

Schools icon ​School closures

For information on closed educational facilities during a disaster or emergency event, visit the DoE​ school closures website.

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21 January 2020