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​​​​​​Recovery Disaster and Emergency Response

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Upon identifying an emerging risk or sudden impact on the department's human resources, students, infrastructure or services from a disaster or emergency, the DG or ADG ISB may decide to activate the Executive Level response arrangements. This will cause:

  1. Maintain situational awareness.
  2. Liaise with stakeholders to coordinate support activities.
  3. Monitor the status of the departments resources.
  4. Monitor the Business Continuity Plan activities as required.

Special leave entitlements

Staff are also able to access paid special leave to deal with the effects of natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, severe storms or bushfires under Special Leave DIRECTIVE 05/17 (PDF, 165 KB). Contact the Principal for more information.

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For information on closed educational facilities during a disaster or emergency event, visit the DoE​ school closures website.

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Last updated
14 June 2018