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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Occurring Disaster and Emergency Response

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Upon the impact of a sudden event on the region, the Regional Response Controller (RRC) should:

  1. Review the actions of the impacted School Response Controllers (SRCs).
  2. Overview the assessment of the safety of all students and staff in the region.
  3. Activate the Regional Response Team (RRT) and Regional Coordination Centre (RCC).
  4. Commence the Communication Strategy; Ensure the lodgement and approval of a Critical Incident Alert Notification and e-mail Alert Notification to CEP and School Operations
  5. ​Monitor the responses under the School Emergency Response Plans.
  6. Manage the school closure system for the region.
  7. Engage with the District Disaster Coordination Centre if established.
  8. If formed, regularly brief the Executive Response Controller, otherwise advise Emergency and School Security (E&SS) and the supervising ADG (State School Operations).​
  9. Monitor the School Response Controllers from a welfare perspective.
  10. Engage the Business Continuity Plan.
  11. Coordinate with Regional BAS Office to prioritise repairs to schools.
  12. Consult with SRCs on resuming business and educational support services; monitor site requirements, maintain and facilitate any ongoing support, outside agency involvement and address any community issues at regular junctures following the regional emergency.
  13. Ensure the management of the RRT and RCC through systems, briefings and communications to ensure shared situational awareness.


The Disaster and Emergency Communications Strategy (PDF, 2.9MB) provides a summary of the phases of an event and suggested internal and external stakeholder communications opportunities for schools and regions to consider.

This also provides templates for Principals to use when communicating with parents following bomb threats and armed attack threats on schools.

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  • Emergency and School Security
    • Email:
    • Phone: (07) 3034 6011 (disaster and emergency management)
    • Phone: (07) 3034 6012 (disaster and emergency management)
    • Phone: (07) 3034 6013 (school security)
    • School Watch Phone: 13 17 88
  • Employee Assistance Program

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For information on closed educational facilities during a disaster or emergency event, visit the DoE school closures website.

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01 May 2020