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​​​​​​​​​Imminent Disaster and Emergency Response

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Upon identifying an emerging risk to the school, the School Response Controller (SRC) should:

  1. Form the School Response Team (SRT).
  2. Identify the risk and expected impact on the school.
  3. Consider the courses of action.
  4. Consult with stakeholders where practicable.
  5. Decide on the strategy.
  6. Implement the strategy.
  7. Commence the Communication Strategy.
  8. Brief the Regional Response Team (RRT) on the progress and status.
  9. Consider the Business Continuity Plan.

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  • Weather/events

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Schools icon ​School closures

For information on closed educational facilities during a disaster or emergency event, visit the DoE​ school closures website.

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Last updated
14 June 2018