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Foundations for Success

Guideline for extending and enriching learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the Kindergarten Year

Foundations for Success is a practical guideline to extend and enrich learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the kindergarten year.

The guideline supports educators to implement a program that connects with families and communities and builds on the cultural knowledge, strengths and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Foundations for Success aligns with Belonging, being and becoming: the early years learning framework (EYLF) for Australia and is a supporting document to the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline.

Visit the Foundations for Success professional development website for more information and to access the full range of resources including:

  • good practice videos
  • Acknowledgement of Country video
  • practical tips and advice for interpretations of Belonging, Being and Becoming
  • inspirational posters, and much more.

For enquiries about the guideline, email the Foundations for Success team.

Foundations for Success guideline in printable sections

Sections 1 and 2

Sections 1 and 2 of the guideline set out the principles and perspectives that underpin a culturally secure kindergarten program.

Section 3

Section 3 introduces a decision-making process which educators will use to make intentional, purposeful and thoughtful decisions that guide their planning for children's learning.

Section 4

Section 4 explores how educators use the decision-making process described in Section 3 to extend and enrich children's learning. It provides an overview of each of the five learning areas linked clearly to the outcomes of the EYLF.

Transition statement

In Queensland, a transition statement is a summary of each child's learning across their kindergarten year. It includes contributions from the kindergarten teacher, parents and child.

A printed copy of the statement is made available to each child's family.

Families are encouraged to pass a copy of the transition statement on to the school upon entry into the child's Prep year.

Foundations for Success includes sample interactive transition statements.

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