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Disability Inclusion Support for Queensland Kindergartens

​The Queensland Government supports kindergarten services to provide inclusive programs that reflect their community's diverse needs, including those of children with a disability.

Under the Disability Inclusion Support for Queensland kindergartens (DISQK) funding program, kindergarten services can access between $2,000 and $8,000 to assist children with a diagnosed or suspected disability actively participate in a kindergarten program.

Applications for funding open on 22 January 2018 and closes on 30 September 2018.

Funding levels are:

  • Primary funding limit is $2000
  • Targeted funding limit is $5000
  • Intensive funding limit is $8000
  • Additional funding above the maximum of $8000 to support children with particularly complex needs associated with one or more disabilities.

How to apply

Kindergarten services must apply for this funding through QGrants. The department uses QGrants to manage all departmental grants, including one-off and recurrent payments.

For more information on how to apply, including how to lodge an application for additional funding through the DISQK program, phone the DISQK team on (07) 3328 6720 or email

Completed applications will be assessed and progressed upon receipt.

Once processed funding will be released through QGrants directly to the bank account nominated in the application.


Service agreements and financial acquittal reports are not required.

Services accept the department's and the Queensland Government's standard terms and conditions (PDF, 164KB) of funding as part of the QGrants application process.

Services receiving DISQK funding will be surveyed to capture details on their administration and implementation of DISQK and their feedback on program delivery.

Services approved for additional DISQK funding will be required to undertake self-assessment of the effectiveness of the additional education support and adjustments made with this funding.

Services must detail the impact the additional funding had on supporting the inclusion of children attending the kindergarten program with complex needs associated with one or more disability.

Extra support for children with disability

Kindergarten services may also access specialised equipment and resources through the Specialised Equipment and Resources for Kindergartens (SERK) program to assist a child with disability participate in their program. For more information visit the Inclusion Works! website or call 1300 497 437.

More information

For disability support information for long day care Services plea​se refer to the Australian Government's Inclusion Support Programme website.

For further information regarding inclusion of children with disability, please refer to the Inclusion Works! website.

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