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Assessment and rating process

A key focus of the National Quality Framework (NQF) is to promote continuous quality improvement of early childhood education and care services through the national quality assessment and rating process.

This process has 4 steps:

  1. self-assessment and reflection
  2. improvement planning
  3. assessment and rating visit
  4. publication of ratings.

1. Self-assessment and reflection

Services should conduct a self-assessment to determine the quality of current practices against the National Quality Standard (NQS) and the linked regulatory standards. Read more about preparing for assessment.

Self-assessment tips

2. Improvement planning

Services should identify their strengths and where quality improvements can be made and how they can be implemented. This should be informed by the self-assessment and documented in a Quality Improvement Plan. Read more about the Quality Improvement Plan.

3. Assessment and rating visit

The approved provider will receive written notification from the department when the assessment and rating process has started for your service. The Quality Improvement Plan must be submitted within approximately 3 weeks of this notification. Read more about the Assessment and Ratings Process.

The department will confirm in writing when the Quality Improvement Plan has been received and advise you of the date of the assessment and rating visit. Read tips on preparing for assessment.

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4. Notice of ratings

Following the visit, the authorised officer will review what they have observed, discussed and sighted against each standard of the NQS and related regulatory requirements.

The authorised officer will then determine the rating for each of the 7 quality areas and the overall rating for the service and the service will receive a final assessment and rating report and notice of ratings.

The service is required to display the notice of ratings, which they will receive from the department.

Ratings of assessed services are published on the ACECQA and MyChild websites.

The frequency of ongoing assessment visits is based on the principle of 'earned autonomy'. That is, the higher an overall rating of a service, the less frequently the service will be assessed.

The assessment visit is only one part of the process of assessing and monitoring services. It is important services continually reflect on the quality of education and care being provided to ensure high quality outcomes for children.

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31 January 2018
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