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​For early childhood education and care service providers

Privacy deed poll

Personal information collected and retained by service providers is subject to the provisions of the Information Privacy Act 2009 (the Act) and service providers need to safeguard against the improper use or non authorised disclosure of personal information. Service providers need to ensure they comply with the Act and meet their obligations under their service agreement with the department.

The department may request a service provider obtain a signed privacy deed poll from employees, officers or subcontractors in accordance with the terms and conditions of their service agreement and the requirements under the Act. By signing the privacy deed poll, employees, officers or subcontractors agree to comply with the Act and are bound by the Poll's terms for collecting, using, handling, distributing and disclosing personal information.

If, on request, employees, officers or subcontractors fail to complete a privacy deed poll, or a service provider fails to supply completed polls to the department, service providers may be in breach of their funding and/or service agreement. Download the Privacy deed poll (PDF, 47KB).

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10 April 2017
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