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Getting ready for the first day

You and your little one can prepare for kindergarten by familiarising yourselves with your chosen kindergarten or long day care service, encouraging your child to develop skills they will need, and finding out what your child will need to bring along every day.

Before starting at kindy, talk to your child about:

  • where they will be going, and drive or walk past the service
  • what they will be doing
  • who they will meet
  • why they will be going
  • when they will be going and explain they will stay there for a period of time until you pick them up.

You can help your child prepare for kindy by encouraging them to do the following day-to-day activities.

It's best to give them simple, two-part directions to follow.

Encourage them to:

  • get dressed (zipping, buttoning, putting on a hat, getting shoes on and off)
  • put on sunscreen
  • open and close their lunch box and water bottle
  • throw away their rubbish
  • not interrupt and, instead, excuse themselves
  • play and talk with others, sharing and taking turns
  • pack up after play and other activities.

What to bring

What you need to bring depends on the kindy or long day care service you choose. Ask your chosen service what they'd like you to pack for your child each day.

Your child might need to bring:

  • fresh food in a lunchbox
  • drink bottle
  • spare clothes
  • broad brimmed hat and shoes
  • sleep sheet and pillow.

For more information on getting ready for kindy, speak to your service provider.

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