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The Early Years Count brochures and flyers

The Early Years Count brochure (PDF, 3.7MB) (DOCX, 22KB)

This brochure provides parents with information on The Early Years Count, a resource that empowers parents to make the most of everyday situations to foster learning and support their child’s development — making the early years count.

PlayStars brochure (PDF, 344KB) (DOCX, 23KB)

This brochure provides parents with information on PlayStars, a Queensland Government initiative providing every family, with a child under one, with a free 12-month family membership to Playgroup Queensland.

Brain timeline (PDF, 190KB) (DOCX, 21KB)

This image shows a child’s brain development as they develop from ante-natal through to five years of age. For more information and activities to support your child’s early learning and development, visit The Early Years Count website or follow us on Facebook.

Kindy or Prep in 2019 poster (PDF, 453KB)

This poster was developed to help families identify whether their child is old enough to go to kindy or Prep in 2019. It can be used to engage families in conversations about early years education options for their child.


My big learning life: Kindergarten brochure (PDF, 7MB)

This brochure answers questions that parents and carers frequently ask about kindy. Parents and carers can find out what their child will do at kindy, when and how to enrol, what they’ll pay, how to get there, and what they’ll need. There’s even space for kindergartens to add their own details to share with local families.

Note: This is a printable brochure. Page 1 will appear upside down when viewed online.

Elders as storytellers suite of posters (PDF, 6MB)

Four Elders from the Mackay community have come together to share the importance of early learning. Use these posters to promote the benefits of going to playgroup and kindy. Learn more about the Elders as Storytellers campaign.

Kindy songline postcard (PDF, 496KB)

The kindy songline represents the positive kindy experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Use this postcard to share the kindy songline and its elements with families. Find more information about the kindy songline on the Big Learning Life website.
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14 November 2018
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