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Effective transition programs are based on strong relationships and communication between the child, their family, early education and care services, the school and the community.

To encourage these partnerships, the department has developed a statewide approach to link more information on the what, how and why of successful transitions. The diagram below shows how these questions interrelate.


What: The statewide approach to transitions

The statewide approach to transitions gives schools the tools to have meaningful conversations with their partners when implementing high-quality transition to school programs and improving outcomes for children. Find out more.

Why: Importance of transitions

For children and their families, the transition to school is a significant milestone in a child's education. Find out more.

How: Strengthening transition practices

The Supporting successful transitions – school decision-making tool is a framework designed to assist schools to strengthen their approach to transitions and their selection of transition-to-school strategies. Find out more.

Age-appropriate pedagogies

Effective pedagogy and practice is one of the five action areas described in the Supporting successful transitions: school decision-making tool (PDF, 4.4MB).

Using age-appropriate pedagogies in the early years of schooling is important to support children to be actively engaged, creative and successful learners.
Discover more information about age-appropriate pedagogies in the early years of schooling.

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