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Transition to school

​Starting school is an important milestone in a child's life.

Supporting children to successfully transition to school helps foster their enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Schools and early childhood services and families

By working together, early childhood services, schools, families and relevant community organisations can help children enjoy a great start to school.

Queensland kindergarten and school teachers and parents value collaboration in supporting all children to have a great start to school.

Transition statements

Transition statements contain important information about each child’s learning and development in kindergarten and include suggestions that will support each child’s continued learning when they start school.

Kindergarten teachers, parents, carers and children develop the transition statement together near the end of the kindy year.

When the transition statement is shared with the child’s new school, the valuable information they contain about each child’s strengths and interests is helpful for Prep teachers as they prepare to welcome each child and plan for their ongoing learning and development.

Parents and carers can choose to share the Transition statement with their child’s new Prep teacher and/or other relevant staff at their new school, or they can consent to it being passed to the school by the Kindergarten teacher.

Find out more about the Transition statement parent/carer consent form (DOCX, 123KB).

For more information about Transition statements, visit the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

Weir Kindergarten

At Weir Kindergarten, a parent, the kindy teacher and one of the school's Prep teachers​ describe how the transition statement provides important information to the school to better prepare for each child’s great start to school.

Transcript (DOCX, 24KB)

Western Suburbs Kindergarten

This Kindergarten focuses on the importance of reciprocal relationships in successful transitions to school and features families and kindergarten and Prep teachers sharing the benefits of the transition statement.

Transcript (DOCX, 24KB)

Undurba State School

Undurba State School shares valuable information from a schools perspective about the value and use of the transition statement in supporting successful transitions to school.

Transcript (DOCX, 23KB)

Peregian Springs State School

Peregian Springs State School highlights the importance of collaborative relationships and the use of transition statements to support children’s continuity of learning for a great start to school.

Transcript (DOCX, 26KB)

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